You like new WhatsApp Messenger free? This is his history! ver.2.21

WhatsApp Messenger is a free messaging software handy for Android and different smartphones. WhatsApp makes use of the phone’s Internet connection to enable the person to ship messages, media files, and name pals or family.

WhatsApp can additionally be accessed and used on computers, as lengthy as the user’s cellphone stays related to the web whilst the utility is being used on the PC. The consumer additionally has the choice to use WhatsApp to ship SMS.


The software used to be created with the aid of WhatsApp Inc. in Mountain View, California, and used to be obtained in February 2014 by way of Facebook Inc. for about $ 19 billion.

It grew to be the most used immediately messaging utility in the world by using 2015, and was once used by using over 1.5 billion customers worldwide, in accordance to records from February 2018. As of February 2020, the software will no longer be reachable on variations older than iOS 8, older than Android 2.3.7, and no aid offerings will be furnished for all Windows Mobile phones.

In January 2018, WhatsApp launched a commercial enterprise model of the small and medium enterprise app, referred to as WhatsApp Business, to enable businesses to greater effortlessly speak with customers the use of the general model of WhatsApp on their smartphones.

Some people think the messaging app will now force those using it to hand over their personal data to Facebook, which owns WhatsApp.That’s not quite right.
WhatsApp’s policies changed cosmetically and not in ways that give Facebook more data. The bottom line is that Facebook already collects a lot of information from what people do on WhatsApp.
The confusion was the result of Facebook’s bungled communications, mistrust of the company and America’s broken data-protection laws.Here’s what changed with WhatsApp, and what didn’t:
Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014, and since 2016, almost everyone using the messaging app has been sharing information about their activity with Facebook.
Facebook knows the phone numbers being used, how often the app is opened, the resolution of the device screen, the location estimated from the internet
connection and more.
Facebook uses this information to make sure WhatsApp works properly and to help a shoe company show you an ad on Facebook.
Facebook can’t peer at the content of texts or phone calls because WhatsApp communications are scrambled. Facebook also says that it doesn’t keep records on whom people are contacting in WhatsApp, and WhatsApp contacts aren’t shared with Facebook. (This Wired article is also useful.)
WhatsApp has a lot of positives. It’s easy to use, and communications in the app are secure. But yes, WhatsApp is Facebook, a company many don’t trust.

Use WhatsApp on the web and desktop

WhatsApp isn’t limited to your mobile phone. There’s a web app that syncs everything from your phone and there’s a desktop app too. Go to or download the desktop app from

You’ll then need to open WhatsApp on your phone > Settings > WhatsApp Web/Desktop > Scan the QR code on the browser or Desktop app > Follow the instructions.

Both the web and desktop app will serve up chats and alerts on your computer, allowing you to reply quickly and easily. Your phone will need to be connected for it to work though so if you lose your connection, the web app will stop syncing until you get your phone connection back. Read more about how it works in our separate feature.

Require Face ID or Touch ID to unlock WhatsApp

If you want double security on your WhatsApp chats, it’s possible for iOS users to set their WhatsApp account to require Face ID or Touch ID authentication when opening WhatsApp, even when your device is already unlocked.

You’ll still be able to reply to messages from notifications and answer calls if WhatsApp is locked. It’s also possible to set the duration of time you want the Screen Lock feature to kick in.

iOS: Settings > Account > Privacy > Screen Lock > Toggle on Require Face ID / Require Touch ID > Select the time duration (Immediately, after a minute, after 15 minutes or after an hour).


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