Nice! You can now play God of War on PlayStation 4 and Personal Computers!

“I don’t assume it’s viable to overstate simply how correct God of War is; how properly realised its world, how nuanced and layered its characters and storytelling.

The depth and craft of its combat, puzzles and nearly each device it has glints and shines with an indulgence and luxurious that commonly stopped me in my tracks to drink it all in. Whether breathless and bloody in the aftermath of an axe-hacked victory, or looking at Kratos and his son Atreus share a really human moment, this is a degree of game-making that doesn’t appear often. The remaining query actually isn’t about the place it sits in any recreation of the 12 months discussions, however as a substitute its area in eventual sport of the era talks.”

God of War (2018 video game) - Wikipedia

It would be preferable to be in a position to purchase it on Steam of course, due to the fact PlayStation Now video games come and go, however at least it is now playable on PC.

To play God of War you may want to down load the PlayStation Now for PC app, create or signal in with a PSN account, and off you go. The provider provides a seven day free trial to boot, and you should absolutely blast thru this in a week, or is $8.99/£8.99 for a month’s access.

Sony says on its web site that you will want a DualShock four however different thirdparty pads do work with the service, with the apparent caveat that you may not be in a position to use touchscreen performance (as I recall this is now not a foremost factor in God of War).

God of War Movie Rumors Debunked By Sony | Screen Rant

The great of this recreation blew me away: I’d performed the ancient ones and favored them properly enough, however if it wasn’t for Bloodborne this would likely be the quality different the PlayStation four ever had. This is as appropriate as it receives for a precise fashion of game: hell, even the ending’s great. As our buddies over at GamesRadar+ wrote when reviewing it at the time:

The 2018 God of War reboot is one of Sony’s crown jewel exclusives: and as soon as more, technically, you may be capable to play it on PC. The title was once introduced for the PlayStation Now streaming service, which has a PC version, and now reachable in the app.

Why’s it so beloved? This reboot took a sequence that used to be arguably alternatively tired-looking via the time of PS4 and modified the genre, setting, and fight gadget entirely. There is some thing of a Naughty Dog formulation to many of Sony’s largest games, and God of War wears the affect of The Last of Us proudly on each bulging sleeves.

Kratos in the authentic trilogy had motivation to hunt the gods (the demise of his family) however was once essentially simply a raging psycho: the video games generally bought themselves on the ludicrously gory finishers.

By the stop of the 0.33 sport you’ll killed especially a lot the complete Greek pantheon. In this God of War Kratos is in the world of Norse myth, an interloper that the gods favor to hunt down, and now he has some thing to protect: his son, Atreus, who’s by using your aspect the complete sport and performs an lively position in combat, navigation, storytelling and puzzles.


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