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Yes! 6 Gaming News!

Here are some gaming news for you and your friends!

  • Call of duty : Warzone’s season 3 update has 25.2 GB( gigabytes ), which, in my opinion, is a lot,but we all know that the Activision company will update a lot of bugs and will give the players something away,they will add something new to it.
  • PS 5/PS 4 : 25.6 GB(gigabytes)
  • XBOX SERIES/XBOX ONE: 25.9 GB(gigabytes)


We expect fifa 22 for standard edition on 24th September 2021.This means that Early-Acces will be available on 21th September for Champions and Ultimate edition.

Maybe Fifa will add some new icons or some new players, i expect EA to fix some bugs,and to fix some players that they overpowerd or underpowerd from Fifa 21.

I personally liked fifa 21 for the dynamics he have,but the glitches are ranking down the game.

Fifa fans still have hope that EA will update the game with good things and no more bugs or glitches,we hope to see some new icons, and new events.

-Grand Theft Auto( GTA )

GTA fans still waits for grand theft auto VI,some experts said it will be possible to play GTA VI in 2023,we hope that Rockstar will release it sooner than 2023.

Some players said that will be possible that the action happens in Vice City, that means that Grand Theft Auto VI can have the auction in Miami,this means a very good looking game but the cost of it will be huge.

If you wanted to play GTA VI and you don’t have a gaming PC take your mind away because it won’t be possible,i think the price of GTA 6 will be over 100 dollars.

Counter Strike.

Counter strike global offensive it’s a shooting game from 2012,that is still played by a lot of players,the company that own the game is Valve,they are making progress in the fight with hackers that overpopulated the game,they made CS:GO free,and you can buy prime,this means that if you have prime,you will play with people that buyed the game or passed level 21 in game.

Since you can get CS:GO for free,the hackers had a good oportunity to play for free on multiple accounts,hackers are not able to pass the level 21 because they will get banned in a short time period.

Some players did not have money to buy it,but got it for free,so they have to play with hackers that eat their nerves, so they usually rage quit and stop playing the game,Valve has made a good thing to make the CS:GO free because the hackers playing non-prime,but the poor people that can’t afford it will play with them so the game will be in a massive decreses of players.

Among US

This game is owned by Innersloth company,and is a game about 1 or 2 imposters and 8 crewmates,the imposters have to kill the crewmates without being kicked out in space,imposter can vent to go faster between rooms.

the crewmates have to do tasks to win the game,they’re pretty easy tasks,the crewmates can call an emergency meeting if they saw someone vent or kill on cameras,they can write on chat what they so,the other crewmates can believe them or they can think the imposter playing crewmate to escape.

This game was a good one until he die literally,today,the game is played by almost no-one and it’s like an crewmate,dead.


This game was created in 2011 by a men with the name Marcus Persson,know by the nickname of Notch,now minecraft is owned by a company named Mojang,the game is a very peacefull game,you can build thing in creative mode,if you are a fighter you can just go night outside the house and fight with mobs like Endermans,Creepers,Zombies and Skeletons,this game is a very nice game for kids,it helps if you want your child to be creative.


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