What GTA 6 should have and GTA 5 don’t have ! wow

What do we want from Rockstar to add in GTA 6.

1.A better anti-hacker system.

I don’t say i’m an expert in anti-hacking systems,but i’m a player that never played with a hack in any game,so i expect other players to be like me,i mean, hacking is not a bad thing,but not on multi-player,some of the hackers gives you money,some of the hackers shoot your car with rockets,so they should be allowed to play only in singleplayer mode.

2.A new place for the action.

Some of the players said the action will be in Miami,the map of the GTA 6:Vice City,but we want a new map,i know this will take a lot of time to create but is a better option,i don’t say i don’t like the Miami map,it will be awesome because of the better graphics but a new map will be a new experience for GTA 6 players i think the perfect map for GTA can be San Fierro,i’m not that old but i enjoyed San Fierro,and i think it will be better than Miami,in San Fierro it’s already a known place from San Andreas,i played alot of San Andreas so my favorite map was San Fierro,i loved having house there,

3.The police.

In GTA 6 they should add hand-cuffs arrests,and they should add that when a cop car hits you,you should not be arrest for it,matter in fact,if you get hit by a police car,you should have a free repair from a pay ‘n’ spray,and RockStar should add in GTA 6 New police cars,to looks almost like in real life,i know it’s alot of work but they should spice the things up.

4.The cars.

In my opinion there are a lot of good cars in GTA 5 but they need to be upgrated so rockstar should add cars that are more like in reality,like to add cars that can brake if you crush frontal,cars should brake down if you accelerate to much,and also,i like the sound cars do,so the creators of the GTA can add some new sounds in cars,and some more quality on the first person in cars.

5.Gang members.

Rockstar should create some new gangs,like in gta san andreas where you had 8 gangs,but the difference should be,that you have to choose on what gang you want to be,and also,they add gang signs,and gang wars randomly,this is an exemple,you walk thru your gang street and some members of the rival gang pull up and start shooting,all the members should have a gun and a knife on them so they can protect themselves,i think this gang should be added and why.

a.Groove Street- they had enought of San Andreas and they come to make the orders in the new town.

b.Los Vagos- they tried to defend their territory but they got conquered by the Ballas.

c.Da Nang boys- They are everywhere,they want to have the whole power.

d.Vercetti gang- they think they are good enought for the new town since they conquered Miami.

e.Vice city Bikers- they followed Vercetti’s people and install themselves in the new town.

f.Los Aztecas- they try to kill Groove Street for the supremacy of the gangs.

5.New caracters.

Another important thing rockstar should add are some new caracters,they should add a girl as a main caracter in my opinion so they have enought power between genders,they can add caracters like Carl Johnson,the Groove Street lider,and during the game,he died from a heart attack,they can add also Franklin Clinton,so they will see eachother,and CJ had the heart attack because he saw Franklin and didn’t expect to see his son never.

They should add another caracter that you can play with should be a gang member,here you can choose in what gang you can be with him,and the 3th caracter should be a business man that works in a office and has a lot of money,so he can afford every thing,they togheter have to do missions to get out of the town since so many gangs has moved there.

Again, i’m not an expert in scripting and i don’t know how to do any of the thing i write up there but they are just some motions they can add if they want.

Thank you for reading this article.

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