Warzone – Rebirth Island – map access to everyone ! how to play – more realistic game now for you

Warzone’s Rebirth Island is a new map introduced alongside Black Ops: Cold War Season 1.

It’s a destination designed for a smaller number of players – up to 40 in total – for a more condensed and faster-paced battle experience.

To play on Rebirth Island in Warzone, you must select the Resurgence Trios playlist. This may change as the season develops, but at launch, it’s the only reliable way to access the new map.

If you’re unsure, then know that when you enter a playlist, wait until you have entered a lobby with other players. In this time before the match starts, you can see the map which you’ll load into in the lower left corner.

This gives you a few seconds to back out if you don’t want to play on that map, allowing you to choose a different playlist. For us at launch, Resurgence Trios was the only playlist which would offer access to Rebirth Island – and this is a handy way of checking this in the days and weeks to come as playlists will inevitably be shaken up.

Publisher Activision has already confirmed a Quads playlist will have access to the map, so expect that before the season is out.

Note that Resurgence is a new game mode for Warzone, with the ability for players to respawn every 30 seconds until the final circle. Though Rebirth Island has a Gulag system of its own, for this mode, it will be unavailable.

Warzone’s Rebirth Island map explained

Rebirth Island doesn’t replace the existing map of Verdansk, but will sit alongside it in select modes as an alternative option, and will play similar to the Mini BR mode. Here’s the essentials you need to know about the new map:

  • A smaller map which supports up to 40 players
  • Areas including Prison Block, Decon Zone, Bioweapons Labs, Chemical Engineering, Factor, Habour and more
  • A new Gulag in battle royale modes (inaccessible when played as part of the Resurgence game mode)
  • Access to vehicles, including the Attack Helicopter
  • Remember there is Rebirth Island-specific event taking place until January 4th, 2021, where you can earn unique rewards by completing 16 map-specific missions.
  •  Enjoy the new season!


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