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Top 10 games of the decade

Here is a top 10 games of the decade ( in my opinion )

10.Call of Duty ( C.O.D )

Call of duty is a shooting game,i personally liked but it’s not my favorite,all the time i play it i die in 20 minutes,i win the gulag every time and revive,then i go in top 20 and then die like a literally noob,.


I used to play roblox as a kid and i enjoy it, i’m still playing but not daily or weekly,i play monthly,it’s a great game but for kids,i used to play counter strike in roblox,it was fun until hackers started to appear and kill all of us with one bullet.

8.Among US

Among US was one of my favorite game at the time he appeard on PC,i buyed it and played,now it’s just a memory of the players that used to buy things with real money,i used to play with my friends in class,it was fun,but we always started fighting because we wouldn’t find the impostor.

7.Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 ( PES 21 )

This game is a better graphic football game,but i don’t like it as much as i like Fifa because it’s a different type of gameplay,it’s high quality and high graphic but i don’t play it anymore.

6.Counter Strike 1.6 (CS 1.6)

Counter Strike 1.6 is one of my favorite shooting games but i put it in the 6th place because his low graphic,but i love this game,is one of my childhood games,i played CS 1.6 a lot,and i enjoyed it so much because i was playing with my friends on a LAN server.

5.Multi Theft Auto ( MTA )

This game is like GTA San Andreas but with mods,in this game you load some mods and you can see real life cars and buildings and a lot of stuff,it’s a lot better than the Original San Andreas but i like the oldschool much so i put it in 5th place.

4.Grand Theft Auto V ( GTA V )

Grand Theft Auto V is a high quality and a high graphics game,in this game you have 3 different actors,Frenklin,Michael and Travor,you have to do missions with them and complet the game,when you complet the game you have to choose over killing Michael or killing Travor,but you can also choose to not kill anyone,i choosed to not kill anyone because i liked to play with all caracters.

3.Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas / San Andreas Multiplayer. (GTA:SA/SA:MP)

Grand theft auto San andreas it’s a low graphic but quality gameplay,you have a caracter named Carl Johnson ( CJ ) that just comed back to Los Santos and some cops take him and throw him away on a ballas teritory,San Andreas Multiplayer is one of the game i used to play mucher than Counter Strike 1.6,this game is so addicted because you can talk with other players an you can meet in real life on trips if you are communicative and things like that,i once meeted a friend for other town in my town because he had a family trip here.


Minecraft is a very good game for a child that needs to have a big creativity in his brain,you can build houses,adopt dogs,cats,you can go to Nether,as the fans said the Nether is the hell of minecraft,you can also go in End to fight a big dragon to end the game,after you end the game you still can play in the same world but with the game finished.

1.Counter Strike Global Offensive ( CS:GO )

One of my favorite games is Counter Strike Global Offensive,i like it so much because it’s a Counter Strike 1.6 (CS 1.6) upgraded version,it’s a lot high quality of graphics,but the thing is a lot of hackers started to play and you can’t stand a chance in front of them.

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