Rusty Lake Hotel is now free on Steam gaming platform! perform 50000 fans.

Rusty Lake Hotel is a surreal point-and-click adventure about a series of elegant dinner parties and the sophisticated diners who attend them. Your role, as a sort of ghostly maître d’, is to ensure that all the guests are properly served, and I don’t want to spoil things too much but I will say that if “served” in this context brings to mind a certain famous 1950s sci-fi short story, you’re on the right track.

Rusty Lake Hotel is the game that got me into the Rusty Lake/Cube Escape series, and it remains one of my favorites of the bunch. And now you can discover what it’s all about yourself, for free: Until May 1, the full game is free for the taking on Steam. It’s also been given a major update that adds a number of significant features, including:

18 new translations
Steam achievements and Steam Cloud Save
Fullscreen function
And a way to replay each room!
If you give it a go (and I would strongly encourage you to do so) and like what you see, the rest of the Rusty Lake games are on sale for half-price as well, until May 3. For even more free games, be sure to keep up with our lists of best free PC games, best free games on Steam, best browser games, and all the free games you can grab right now.

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