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Happy peaple will love this!Platforms to play games with your friends!

Happy peaple will love this!Platforms to play games with your friends! Today you will like this and tomarow you are in love!

The first one i recommand is Discord,this app is perfect for gaming,you can make a call with your friends and them play the same game,you can talk pressing a key or you can let your microphone free.On discord you can make groups and channels to play many games,also on discord it shows what game you are playing,maybe a friend of you see what you are playing and join you.

The second one is Skype.Skype is a platform where you can also make groups and chat with your friends and play games with them.

Last but not least is Teamspeak is another platform to use for you with your gaming friends,Teamspeak is almost the same as Discord and Skype,you can make calls and chat with your friends while playing a game,you can do channels and gather all your friends to play something.


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