Nioh 2 The first Samurai DLC will include a series of activities at the end of the game. Play now this beautiful game !

New information regarding Nioh 2 The First Samurai, the final DLC expansion, appeared during an official broadcast about the game. The presentation highlighted new paid and free features that will be added to the game once the expansion releases on December 17, 2020. Some of the inclusions will give players more to do after the end.


The First Samurai expansion will add the “Dream of Nioh” difficulty, along with new Guardian Spirits. The DLC expansion will also feature new yokai for players to encounter, such as the Konaki-jiji and the Itsumade. In addition, a series of new end game content will be added to Nioh 2 and based on the first Nioh‘s Abyss mode.

Nioh 2‘s The First Samurai DLC will tie up the main story’s loose ends. This scenario will be set during the early Heian period, sending players back into the past. The hero will meet an important figure that resembles a character players will be more than familiar with, provided they beat the base game.

Free content will arrive alongside the DLC expansion. The update will add new ninjutsu, onmyo magic, and character customization options.

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