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HP Omen 30L Review

HP’s Omen 30L is its largest and most powerful gaming tower desktop. Esports configurations start as low as $949.99 at Best Buy, while our $3,109 review model from HP’s site packs a rampaging Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 video card for 4K adventures in Cyberpunk 2077. It also has overclocking features thanks to its unlocked Intel Core i9-10900K CPU. Modern looks, customizable RGB lighting, and name-brand components from Cooler Master, Western Digital, and HyperX make the Omen 30L a compelling alternative to the Alienware Aurora R11. The Corsair Vengeance i7200 remains our top pick among high-end mainstream gaming towers for its even cleaner looks and quieter operation, but the Omen 30L is a fine alternative. In fact, given the late-2020 difficulties of finding high-end towers in stock video cards that power , the better of the two might just be the one that you can get your hands on first.The customized model I’m reviewing from HP’s online store is many rungs up the ladder from the base model, though it was unavailable as I typed this due to supply shortages in late 2020. HP told us it lists products as it gets stock, and that it was unable guarantee the pricing due to market demand, so take the prices in this review with a grain of salt.I found it equally impossible to find stock of higher-end prebuilt Omen 30L configurations from popular e-tailers, but those willing to wait can get one. For instance, the GT13-0092 model on Amazon shares nearly all its specifications with my tester, including 32GB of memory, a 1TB SSD for its Windows 10 Home operating system, a 2TB hard drive for storage, and a one-year warranty, only dropping down to an insignificantly slower Core i9-10850K in lieu of a Core i9-10900K for $1,975. That’s a decent deal.


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