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Gaming PC for begginers

Gaming PC for begginers

1.A gaming case i recommand is AQIRYS Rigel ARGB

This case has the name of the shinest stars(a blue supergiant) from Orion Constelation,it’s protected by a secutiry glass,the case has this name because it has RGB lights,that shines very bright.

The price of this gaming case is around of 61 dollars ( 50 euro )

2.A processor that i personally recommand is Processor Intel® Core™ i5-10400F Comet Lake, 2.9GHz, 12MB, without integrated graphics, Socket 1200

This processor is perfect for a gaming PC,it’ll run almost any game you want,in a low buget.

The price of this processor is around 166 dollars ( 130 euro )

3.a gaming motherboad that i used is Motherboard Asus ROG STRIX B550-F GAMING, Socket AM4

i recommand it,but it’s used by a lot of youtubers at the begging of the channel of gaming.

The price of this motherboard is around 256 dollars ( 213 euro )

4.Graphic card i use is Graphic Card ASUS nVidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Cerberus O4G 4GB DDR5 128bit

This is another PC Gaming piece that i recommand and is used by youtubers.

The price of this Graphic card is around 341 dollars ( 284 euro )

5.Memory ( RAM ) i personally use 2 rams Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 8GB (1x8GB), DDR4, 3600MHz, CL18, 1.35V and ADATA XPG GAMMIX D10, 16GB DDR4, 3000MHz CL16, Black

I don’t know if a youtuber use this RAMs but i like this duo

The price of the first RAM is about 63 dollars ( 52 euro )

The price of the second RAM is about 80 dollars ( 67 euro )

6.Storage,i like to recommand a SSD instead of a HDD because SSD’s help your PC move faster and it’s a help for high graphics games

There is a SSD of 960 GB(gigabytes) Solid State Drive (SSD) Kingston A400, 960GB, 2.5″, SATA III, but if you think is not enought for games you can buy one with 4TB(Terabytes).

The price of the 960 GB(GigaBytes) solid state drive (SSD) is around 61 dollars ( 50 euro )

7.The Power supply Unit ( PSU ) i recommand for begginers is Corsair CX Series™ CX550F RGB White, 80 PLUS® Bronze, 550W, Fully Modular

This is a perfect PSU for begginers because is used by a lot of youtubers,and it’s an accesible price

The price of this Power Supply Unit ( PSU ) is around 93 dollars ( 77 euro )

So,if you buy all the stuff i put in this article,the total should be around

1,121 dollars or 933 euros.

You cand play a lot of game with the PC i tried to assamble with this components is a low buget,you can play games like, Counter Strike Global Offensiv(CS:GO),Fortnite,Fifa,Grand theft auto V( GTA V ) ,Rocket League,Call of duty(COD),Forza Horizon,Dota 2,PlayerUnknows’s Battlegrounds(PUBG)

Try to play with the settings on medium for a better experience.


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