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Apple quietly adjusts trade in prices – here’s what’s changed

Apple appears to have made a few slight adjustments to the prices it offers for trading in certain devices online and in-store through its Apple Trade in Program.
Apple offers customers the option to trade in old hardware from both Apple and other vendors for credit towards a new purchase or to be put on a gift card for use at a later date. Overnight, a few prices on Apple’s trade-in website have been adjusted. Here’s what’s new:
Apple has actually increased the maximum trade-in value of its iPad lineup. The iPad Pro is now worth up to $525, up from $500. The iPad Air has gone from $210 to $250, the iPad from $200 to $240, and the iPad mini from $175 to $205. Apple has also boosted the price of its Apple Watch models ever so slightly. The Series 4 is now worth up to $150 (up from $140), the Series 3 is now worth $95 (up from $85), and the Series 1 is worth up to $35 (up from $30).Apple has cut the trade-in values of a few products from its Mac lineup. The MacBook Pro is down from $1760 to $1530, the MacBook Air is down to $630 from $730, the MacBook is down to $380 from $450, the iMac Pro is down to $3,040 from $3580, the iMac down to $1,180 from $1,390, and the Mac mini is down to $830 from $930. The Mac Pro has received a big bump up to $2930 from $1490, but this could well indicate that Apple now accepts more recent models for trade-in.Apple has also changed the prices of a few different Android devices. The Galaxy S20 has fallen in price slightly to $255 (down from $270), however, other devices like the Galaxy S10+ and S10 have seen their prices go up alongside phones like the Google Pixel lineup.
The full range of prices is available here, and remember that the price displayed on the website at first glance is the maximum you can expect to receive and that your actual valuation will be based on a number of factors including the condition of your device .


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