Another news time ! Playstation 5 release something new for addicted gameplayer !

Many PlayStation fans are still struggling to find a PlayStation 5, but the console has still been selling an impressive number of consoles. Now, to make players want the new console even more, PlayStation has released a new trailer to highlight the console’s great features.

While Sony has been working diligently to increase the supply of playstation 5s, the console has become the fastest-selling console ever in the United States, making it incredibly difficult to find them. For any gamers looking to upgrade to the next generation of consoles who haven’t decided between the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, Sony’s new “Play Like Never Before” trailer could help them make up their mind.

The trailer is wonderful in its simplicity and visual representation. It begins by showing the console’s incredible new speed by highlighting the PS 5’s solid-state drive that is integrated alongside the CPU and GPU to make the console load incredibly fast. From there, the video moves on to a great visual explanation of the DualSense controller’s new haptic feedback features. Haptic feedback is a growing aspect of the games industry and the video shows just how dominant the DualSense is in the field through cool white and blue visuals.

The video also shows off the controller’s adaptive triggers and shows them simulating pulling a bowstring, shooting a Spider-Man web, and breaking something solid. The video also highlights the console’s output capabilities as well, including ray-tracing, 4K video, 120 fps, and full HDR. The video does not highlight this month’s PlayStation 5 update that increased the number of 120hz monitors it is compatible with as well as adding some new HDR options. The final selling point addressed by the trailer is the PlayStation 5’s access to nearly every single game released for PlayStation 4 while improving their performance with its superior power.

The trailer is a very clean and stylistic presentation of the PS 5 and has some representations of features, like the haptic feedback, that effectively explain the feature without any dialogue at all. The trailer comes after Sony has received a lot of positive attention lately for walking back its decision to shut down the PS Vita and PS 3 stores, as well as revealing new efforts the company is making towards sustainability. While the chip shortage that is contributing to the PlayStation 5 shortage may run well into next year, hopefully, Sony is able to ramp up PS 5 production so that all PlayStation gamers can experience the next-generation console.

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